About Us - The HeiressLife Club | Woman who is an Heir, especially to great wealth. About Us - The HeiressLife Club | Woman who is an Heir, especially to great wealth.

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The HeiressLife Club

an Heiress is a Woman who is an Heir, especially to great wealth.

  • A Woman who inherits or EXPECTS to inherit great wealth.
  • A Woman who inherits or has a RIGHT of inheritance.

Do you feel you have the right to be great? Do you Expect a great inheritance? You absolutely should!

The HeiressLife Club is a place of wealth and resource in all life areas. We want you to walk in your greatness and understand that you are already created in royal form.

Every Heiress must understand her how to #RockYourReign and #ReignOn in everyday life!

So stick with us and enjoy programs and events to encourage you to create your most fulfilled life. Join Us!

Fierce. Favored. Fabulous.


Meet SimplyChante | CEO & Founder, the HeiressLife Club

Chante’ Smith is a writer, creative entrepreneur and lifestyle coach. Through her passion for networking and empowering in a creative way, she founded the highly successful women’s social group, The Billionaire Girls Club (BGC). BGC has now blossomed into The HeiressLife Club. In addition to creating programs and services for the woman of ambition, Chante also runs a boutique Event Planning Firm; Simply Management Weddings & Events.

Her 20 year career in Human Resources has helped to fuel her continued interest in simply helping people become better people. Her philosophy is that everyone deserves to live a life that is authentic to them, but you must first define what your “authentic” is.

Her work in partnering with women to reveal their “Reign” continues to be successful among today’s leading ladies.

When not planning an event or writing curriculum to support growth and harmony among women, Chante enjoys hugs from her children, big city travel and retail therapy!

Indulge in The Life; The HeiressLife by joining a workshop, facebook discussion group or attending a live event. These offerings are all delivered in Fierce, Favored, Fabulous fashion.



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Fierce. Favored. Fabulous

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