30 days ago, today; my world as I knew it forever changed.

The one constant in my life for all 41 years was called to eternal rest.

Here’s the back story. My Father was my best friend. We were the “poster” Father-Daughter relationship. I don’t say this to brag or boast, but simply to reflect on the words of comfort given to me over the past 30 days.

“Your Dad was the Father I never had”.

“We all wished we had a relationship with our Dad like you had”.

“You were bless to have such a great father experience, very few experience that in life.”

The relationship we shared was priceless. Our theme saying was “we all we got”.

I am blessed with an amazing support system of family and friends, but nothing will ever compare to the relationship I had with my Father. It is very difficult to put into words.

As an only child, of divorced parents, I have never felt a void. I have never “been raised by a single mother”. My Father was never absent or missing or lost. He was always around through my childhood and became my leading man as I became an adult. I don’t doubt that I disappointed him along the way, but you would never know it. I, however, could communicate with my Father, without using words.

I knew what he was feeling, thinking and ultimately going to do, most times before he even knew.

I knew that when he was told he needed to have surgery, he did not think he would make it through.

I knew that he was concerned that if he did make it through, he would not be the same person and would not want to be bedridden or a burden to anyone.

I knew that he had just celebrated his 69 birthday and he was depressed that the next one would be 70.

I knew that despite his Faith in God, he was afraid of dying.

I knew on October 20, that my Father was in conversation with God. I knew he was battling his human side as God was calling him home. I knew he didn’t want to leave me and he pushed through for 2 more days, not for himself, but to satisfy me. I knew when I left his hospital room on the night of October 21st that he would transition that night. These are all things I did not communicate to anyone along the way. These were things I didn’t want to say out loud. These were precious talks between him and I.

When my Father was in Cardiovascular Shock, the Doctor’s said he couldn’t hear me. I knew that was not true. I told him that day that I was going to be just fine and that he should take his rest. His works on this earth were true, wide, and magnificent and I would see him on the other side. I meant those words, and 6 hours later he took his last breath.

I believe my last conversation with my Father was the most defining of our relationship. You see, he was holding on to “Life” and his love for me in such a painful way. It was as if he needed me to tell him I would be ok before he could rest. And so, I did.

Folks have reached out to me in admiration of my strength through this process. I will say, I too, am in amazement at how God continues to build me up . I continue to pull strength from my Father. He carried a very heavy load for most of his life, but he sure did carry it well. I want to do the same. I will spend the rest of my days trying to navigate through life the way he did.

Live well. Do Good and Love beyond (and through) your circumstances. This is how I define my Father’s character. This is how he lived, and this is how he died.

Thank you to each and every person who continues to pray for me. This is undoubtedly the most difficult thing I have ever had to experience in my life. I give God all of the honor and praise for sustaining me today and forever.

I am taking time to honor my feelings and reflect on countless memories of my wonderful, loving, caring, funny, protective, amazing Father.

Happy Holidays & Thank you.


Day 1

It is day 1 of 366 beautiful times to get it right. For some of us, this is a glorious time. We are excited about the unknown, the clean slate, the abundant opportunity to try and try again. We can’t wait to jump into our newly refreshed reality.

Others, find themselves overwhelmed, lost. Not sure of where to go and with little memory of where they’ve been.

Both scenararios are real and wonderful and provide a beautiful melody for what is to come.  Wherever you fall is just fine, however, please intend to pack up 2015 in grand fashion and move into 2016 audaciously! (this step is critical)

For SimplyChante.com and the HeiressLife Tribe, the focus is crystal clear. Stay with me in 2016 as we officially re-brand The Billionaire Girls Club into your resource for living a rich, well balanced, fierce, favored, fabulous life. This will be done in a few formats.

You will enjoy Bi-monthly DC Area events that will satisfy your craving for networking with luxe ladies such as yourself.
You will be sure to schedule time to be on the free monthly telecalls that will include myself as well as lifestyle gurus that will give you free, lifechanging, tips to lead you into your perfect place.
You will create your signature style and flaunt it at the official launch and rebrand and of theHeiressLife.com.

You will tap into your “Reign” and sign up for my “F It!” e-course and enjoy 4 weeks to a more Fierce Favored and Fabulous You.
You will come and see me live and in person as I deliver speaking engagements for your tribe, church, place of work, school or living room! (YES, gather 4 Bffs and lets talk, in your living room).

I have clear intentions for sharing my gifts as compliment to YOU. Let’s ReignOn in 2016!!

Ready to sign up now for your free talk with me? Click here to schedule a call with me. Let’s put a plan together that includes clear direction and most of all a real fancy balance of work and play!

Happy New Year!


I have had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with an intimate group of Aristocrats in the HeiressLife Challenge Tribe Facebook Group. 

We have enjoyed small challenges with huge life impact. It has been an extreme rush for me to facilitate and to see so many people exploring the Heiress within.

I believe the universe is well aligned in giving me the right things to say and the right questions to ask, however, I could not have been fully prepared for the amazing outcomes we are all having!!!

We started by taking a BIG look at ourselves as we wrote and published our own Eulogy. This is an exercise I believe we all should do. It is difficult to sum this up!

We then took a trip down disaster lane to define our own  “Unnecessary”.  But that’s not it!

We really defined and dissected and ultimately honored all of the things in our lives that make no sense to us. We put it out there in all its glory and worked together as a team to ask the right questions to get   true understandings.  It was interesting to come to the realization that the human side of us says that what we do in excess is often times unnecessary. We watch too much TV or eat out to often.  We are too sexual or over-analyzing.

But where does this “too much” mentality come from? How do you create your own threshold? Does your unneccesary stem from too much of a good thing? And if so, why?

OH MAN! Did we have awesome conversation and reflection on this challenge!

We also attempted a RAK Challenge (Random Act Of Kindness). We toyed with the idea of paying it forward, or giving someone a compliment. We even wrote letters to children in our lives. Let me be honest, this was the hardest challenge for me personally. At first I wasn’t sure why, but when positioning that question to the group, we all shared the same thoughts around this challenge. We faced some real truths on how we perceive RAK-ing.

One of my truths was that I pride myself on The HeiressLife Movement being genuine and coming from a place of Moi! I am working hard to give my gifts as compliment to others. Truthfully, the RAK thing is all over the internet and was not personal to me and my beliefs at all! HA! And it didn’t work.

BUT, a few folks had big outcomes! Writing a letter to a child who would never receive it was a MONTEROUS Fete for one participant. For that I was thankful.

The HeiressLife Movement & HeiressLife Tribe Challenge Group serve as a remarkable avenue to get to know yourself a little bit better in a Fierce. Favored. Fabulous way, with some pretty awesome people.
Join Us!

Thank you for buying things from SimplyChic, subscribing to SimplyChante.com, posting my #HeiressLife and #ReignON hashtags, supporting Simply Management and most of all for believing in me.

Create Your Masterpiece

Have you realized that you have the ability to create your Life? And that Life should ROCK!  But what does that really mean? How do you manage your day to day responsibilities and wallow in your dreams?

You have to create your own Masterpiece. First. Key word is FIRST.

We tend to try this every New Year or every season or with every celebration or disappointment in Life.  If you are like me, this has not been the most successful approach.

Let’s explore a new way of thinking about our Life. In artistry, a Masterpiece is a work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship. Isn’t that REMARKABLE? If you really step into the mindset that creating the life you want is exciting and empowering, I guarantee it will be a rewarding experience.

Your masterpiece is about your life, not your business. Your business is simply one of many important aspects of your life. ( Some of yall won’t like this statement)

So how do you get to Masterpiece status? Your main focus is the essence of your purpose in life. It’s your Manifesto. Create it!

If you haven’t signed up for the HeiressLife Challenge Tribe Facebook, do so by CLICKING HERE.

This Fierce. Favored. Fabulous. Group will be working together to get out of our own way and get shit done!

Join us as we Create our own Masterpiece!

GoGo Live 2015

TVOne highlighted the life and legacy of Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go Go in an amazing way tonight.  Now, to most of you this is not a big deal; especially if you are not from the Washington, DC Area.

I rarely Blog about “niche” type topics as I really want whatever I write to be felt across all borders, however, THIS post is For, About and To My DC Sisters and Brothers.

In DC we have a genre of music called Go Go. Go Go is just as important if not more important to DC natives as are the countless monuments and museums. Most of us can recite decades of Go Go music faster than we can name the collection of Smithsonian Museums. It is the heartbeat of our city. You can catch the Unsung Episode to learn about the ups and downs of Go-Go and enjoy a glimpse of the life of The Godfather of Go Go told through the eyes of those closest to him. It’s a great story.

As I watched the episode, I was filled with a great appreciation for those instrumental in crafting Go Go. The process was quite intricate. Chuck Brown was very calculated in each progression he made. I could not help but to compare Chuck’s passion and purpose and action against the Godsons and Daughters he left behind to continue to write the story of DC Go Go. Suddenly my mood changed.

There is a clear difference in the level of success Chuck had and the current state of Go Go. For some time, Go Go was tarnished with episodes of crowd violence and bad press. To those “in” Go Go, this was the downfall. This was what prevented Go Go from growing to a national level. This is was kept Go Go “Kept”.

While I do believe this negative energy was not great for the progression of Go Go, I do not believe it was or is the true problem.

You see, Chuck’s journey made sense. His actions matched his life happenings. He birthed Go Go on Purpose, literally. Go Go was something “in” him. When life sat him down in prison for 8 years he asked someone to make a guitar. He and that guitar partnered with his purpose to create a significant sound. That HAD to happen at that time to him. It was destined. It made sense.

As he traveled through the ebb and flow of life he realized his passion for this newly created sound. His passion became perfectly aligned with his purpose. Wow!

I have had the pleasure of sharing a few conversations with Mr. Brown and on each occasion his spirit was evident. It was happy. It was content. It was sure. It made sense.

I say all of this to say; the Go Go bands of today are not focused on their passion or purpose. They continue to work from a place of greed and stature.

In tonight’s episode Chuck’s band members spoke highly of him and his accomplishments. They spoke of instances they didn’t understand or even agree with at times, but they trusted him and followed his lead. They loved him. They undoubtedly struggled along with Chuck, in times that were nowhere near as luxurious as today. But……It wasn’t about the fame or the money. It was about the craft. That’s it, That’s all.

Many Go Go bands remain relevant today, although the next level is unclear. I believe it is unclear because they have lost sight of the core principles of Chuck Brown’s success. Do it because you love it. Stay true to it even if you don’t eat. You don’t have to be the best. And lastly, It’s a Movement. Unite & Conquer.

Then you will win.

*of Note – Special recognition to my long time friend, Kato Hammond of TMOTT GoGo. The DC Area’s most trusted Go Go publication for working relentlessly within his purpose. He has made so many extreme contributions to the Go Go Community. It was great to see him share knowledge and experience on the Big Screen. XOXO

Fierce. Favored. Fabulous

40 Days from today I will have completed the first 40 years of my life.

It is both depressing and exciting! I’ve been reflecting on my life in decades. HA! The first decade was “strange”. It included time as a grade school child with my parents, grandparents and Aunt & Uncle. I was moved around a bit from birth to 10. With that comes lots of memories. I think this was around the time of my first concert. Michael Jackson! It was great. The second decade was “colorful”. It’s crazy that from age 10-20, I have memories of swimming with friends, playing with Cabbage Patch Kids and then becoming a mom. All in the same decade. Decade number 3; it seems the music stopped. It was time to grow up and have grown up experiences. The 20’s were fantastic, destructive, wild, sad, hard, loss filled, stupid dumb ridiculous fun! The most recent decade, the 30-40 has been “indescribable”. Let’s just leave it at that.

So, in preparation for my 40th Birthday, I am launching my own Private Party! I have decided to live completely on purpose over the next 40 days in hopes of continuing this practice for the rest of my life, or at least for the first year of my 40s. LOL I want to focus on ME and MY happiness, growth and well-being. So here’s how I will begin. Below you will find my list of 40 things to do in the next 40 days. Again, this is MY party and of course, I can cry if I want to!

Join me on my Facebook and Instagram pages over the next 40 days as I post pictures and share experiences. I won’t do these things in any particular order, so you will have to pay attention as we go along. I invite you to join me! Complete some of these activities or all of them and be sure to share and include the #40to40 hastag. Think of it as your little bday gift to me! 🙂

  • Let’s party like it’s My Birthday!!!
  • Make Jello Shots
  • Make it “Rain”
  • Eat a weird food for the first time
  • Ride in a grocery cart
  • Write a letter to the President
  • Take a Bubble Bath
  • Buy a Coffee for the person after me
  • Craft something
  • Wear my natural “Afro”
  • Make a time capsule
  • Take an exercise class
  • Buy a new lipstick
  • Go to the library
  • Take a group picture with my friends
  • Take a train ride
  • Pray with friend
  • Wear a color other than Black, Grey or Brown
  • Pierce something
  • Connect 2 business owners
  • Have an all veggie day
  • Lunch with a friend
  • Date with my Dad
  • Take warm beverages to the homeless
  • Overdress and go to Walmart
  • Celebrate 40 at the 40/40 Club
  • Take a pic with a New Yorker
  • Drink Tequila and the worm
  • Get a new tattoo
  • Sketch like I used to in high school
  • Take all my God Kids out for lunch
  • Tell someone how I really feel
  • Make eye contact and smile to everyone I see in passing for one day
  • Kiss my kids 40 times
  • Make a Vine
  • Make a DIY dress out of a T-shirt
  • Paint my nails red
  • Dance with my Nanny
  • Play in the rain or snow
  • Color in a coloring book
  • Read the Bible for 40 minutes


In my neck of the woods the birds are back from vacation, the atmosphere is lukewarm and you only see one or two lonely patches of snow left in the yard. It’s Spring, and I am Sprung. Usually at this time of year, I immediately “Spring” into a an attitude of action. I’m excited about the sunlight and the longer days. I can’t wait to bust a toe out or try a fab spring lippy. I am ready to somersault into all of those bottled up winter dreams.  This March, the urge to “Do” is just not there. The passing winter has come in like a lion and stayed here. It seems this winter has worn me out.

In my neck of the woods the birds are back from vacation, the atmosphere is lukewarm and you only see one or two lonely patches of snow left in the yard. It’s Spring, and I am So my current mood has awarded me the opportunity to really think about what motivates me and how to give myself large doses of whatever it is, in order to never run out. Is motivation the game changer? Is that the guiding light that paves the way to the creative process? Do we all define motivation in the same way? I believe we do not. I enjoy yoga and meditation, but is it my motivation? How does motivation turn into goal setting?  As I reflect and prepare for the second half of 2015 I have put together some true fire practices that help to make sense of the cycle of setting goals and never completing them. Don’t fret, we all do it! Even the best of Us.

In my neck of the woods the birds are back from vacation, the atmosphere is lukewarm and you only see one or two lonely patches of snow left in the yard. It’s Spring, and I am Come along for the fun!

In my neck of the woods the birds are back from vacation, the atmosphere is lukewarm and you only see one or two lonely patches of snow left in the yard. It’s Spring, and I am You don’t want to miss my upcoming Free teleclass on figuring this mess out. Join me in an exploration of your intentions and how important they really are to reaching your goals and being ridiculously excited about the process and the outcome! It’s Spring and you deserve to be refreshed and reloaded. You’ve got work to do! Click the HeiressLife tab and head to Events & Engagments to complete your FREE registration.