Day 1 - The HeiressLife Club | Woman who is an Heir, especially to great wealth. Day 1 - The HeiressLife Club | Woman who is an Heir, especially to great wealth.

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Day 1

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It is day 1 of 366 beautiful times to get it right. For some of us, this is a glorious time. We are excited about the unknown, the clean slate, the abundant opportunity to try and try again. We can't wait to jump into our newly refreshed reality.

Others, find themselves overwhelmed, lost. Not sure of where to go and with little memory of where they've been.

Both scenararios are real and wonderful and provide a beautiful melody for what is to come.  Wherever you fall is just fine, however, please intend to pack up 2015 in grand fashion and move into 2016 audaciously! (this step is critical)

For and the HeiressLife Tribe, the focus is crystal clear. Stay with me in 2016 as we officially re-brand The Billionaire Girls Club into your resource for living a rich, well balanced, fierce, favored, fabulous life. This will be done in a few formats.

You will enjoy Bi-monthly DC Area events that will satisfy your craving for networking with luxe ladies such as yourself. You will be sure to schedule time to be on the free monthly telecalls that will include myself as well as lifestyle gurus that will give you free, lifechanging, tips to lead you into your perfect place. You will create your signature style and flaunt it at the official launch and rebrand and of

You will tap into your "Reign" and sign up for my "F It!" e-course and enjoy 4 weeks to a more Fierce Favored and Fabulous You. You will come and see me live and in person as I deliver speaking engagements for your tribe, church, place of work, school or living room! (YES, gather 4 Bffs and lets talk, in your living room).

I have clear intentions for sharing my gifts as compliment to YOU. Let's ReignOn in 2016!!

Ready to sign up now for your free talk with me? Click here to schedule a call with me. Let's put a plan together that includes clear direction and most of all a real fancy balance of work and play!

Happy New Year!



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