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I have had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with an intimate group of Aristocrats in the HeiressLife Challenge Tribe Facebook Group. 

We have enjoyed small challenges with huge life impact. It has been an extreme rush for me to facilitate and to see so many people exploring the Heiress within.

I believe the universe is well aligned in giving me the right things to say and the right questions to ask, however, I could not have been fully prepared for the amazing outcomes we are all having!!!

We started by taking a BIG look at ourselves as we wrote and published our own Eulogy. This is an exercise I believe we all should do. It is difficult to sum this up!

We then took a trip down disaster lane to define our own  “Unnecessary”.  But that’s not it!

We really defined and dissected and ultimately honored all of the things in our lives that make no sense to us. We put it out there in all its glory and worked together as a team to ask the right questions to get   true understandings.  It was interesting to come to the realization that the human side of us says that what we do in excess is often times unnecessary. We watch too much TV or eat out to often.  We are too sexual or over-analyzing.

But where does this “too much” mentality come from? How do you create your own threshold? Does your unneccesary stem from too much of a good thing? And if so, why?

OH MAN! Did we have awesome conversation and reflection on this challenge!

We also attempted a RAK Challenge (Random Act Of Kindness). We toyed with the idea of paying it forward, or giving someone a compliment. We even wrote letters to children in our lives. Let me be honest, this was the hardest challenge for me personally. At first I wasn’t sure why, but when positioning that question to the group, we all shared the same thoughts around this challenge. We faced some real truths on how we perceive RAK-ing.

One of my truths was that I pride myself on The HeiressLife Movement being genuine and coming from a place of Moi! I am working hard to give my gifts as compliment to others. Truthfully, the RAK thing is all over the internet and was not personal to me and my beliefs at all! HA! And it didn’t work.

BUT, a few folks had big outcomes! Writing a letter to a child who would never receive it was a MONTEROUS Fete for one participant. For that I was thankful.

The HeiressLife Movement & HeiressLife Tribe Challenge Group serve as a remarkable avenue to get to know yourself a little bit better in a Fierce. Favored. Fabulous way, with some pretty awesome people. Join Us!

Thank you for buying things from SimplyChic, subscribing to SimplyChante.com, posting my #HeiressLife and #ReignON hashtags, supporting Simply Management and most of all for believing in me.



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